About akakce.com

Have your parents ever advised you that "Ak akce karagun icindir*" or told you to "Save your money for a rainy day"? akakce.com has been helping Turkish consumers save their akce** for a “rainy day” in a very dynamic retail market since 2000.

akakce.com is the leading and most versatile comparison shopping site for Turkish shoppers. Over a million cost-conscious consumers visit akakce.com each month to view categorized product and pricing information from a variety of online retail stores selling electronics, jewelry, baby goods, home appliances, and more. In addition to product price comparisons, akakce.com provides consumers with information on a number of different purchase options.

To keep up with the dynamic nature of Turkey’s retail market, akakce.com’s proprietary crawl and classification technology automatically updates the price of items as often as 12 times a day (with hourly updates on some products). That makes akakce.com one of the most –if not the most– frequently updated comparison shopping sites worldwide.

(*) A Turkish proverb
(**) Ottoman currency

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To contact us: Please fill out the form below. We will be more than happy to answer your questions or provide more information about akakce.com. Note that we can not respond to messages related to the purchase, repair, or return of a product. akakce.com does not sell any products, nor provide guarantees, repairs, or return services for the products listed on our website.